AONA Implant Instrument and Technique Guide Series

DHS® / DCS® Dynamic Hip
and Condylar Screw System

Technique Guide


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   Introduction to the Dynamic Hip Screw-DHS
      DHS Technique
         ·Plate Selection
         ·Surgical Technique
   Introduction to the Dynamic Condylar Screw-DHS
      DCS Technique
         ·Surgical Technique

   Using the DCS for Subtrochanteric Fractures
      Preoperative Considerations
      Surgical Technique
   Assembling the Instrumentation
      Triple Reamers
      Tap Assembly
      Lag Screw Insertion Assembly
   Reinserting the DHS/DCS Guide Pin
   Removing the Implants


   The DHS Plates, DCS Plates, and DHS/DCS Lag Screws
   Instrument and Implant Sets

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