Small Animal Basic Courses

dotCerclage Wire Application

dotTension Band Wiring of an Olecranon Fracture

dotPrinciples of the Lag Screw and the Position Screw

dotInterfragmentary Compression Fixation of the Lateral Portion
of the Humeral Condyle with a Lag Screw and an Anti-Rotation Pin

dotOblique Midshaft Fracture of the Humerus
Lag Screw and 3.5 DCP

dotAxial Compression Fixation of the Radius with the DCP

dotFixation of an Oblique Femoral Fracture
with a Lag Screw through a Neutralization Plate

dotButtress Plate Fixation of a Midshaft Femoral Fracture

dotComminuted Midshaft Tibial Fracture
2.7 mm Cortex Lag Screws and a 3.5 DCP

dotObliquely Fractured Illium 2.7 DCP

dotFractured Acetabulum Special 5-hole Acetabular Plate


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